Keeping things interesting.

I’m a Control Freak, and I’m proud.

It gets the job done, usually when other people are spinning their wheels. Granted, being right brained, my planning can’t always be completely realized. But it gives me a lot more capability than some people I know. And there’s nothing like seeing a plan that takes time and considerable effort to put together go off without a hitch. That’s kind of a Control Freak Nirvana right there.

Join me there sometime. Trust me, it’s worth the trip.

But there’s a downside to being the one who nails things down so far that it’s impossible to pull them back up again; a sort of predictability that strangles the life out of everything develops. And that predictability, in spite of my need to control things, eventually starts to make me twitch.

So I get bored. And when I get bored, I tend to do strange and random things. This is where Devious Baking, Kamikaze Chefing, and an ever increasing percentage of my writing comes from. Among other things. It also means that I’m constantly looking for ways to amuse myself.

Take this Thanksgiving for example. As I said before, it went off without a hitch. The food was excellent, eight of us sat down to a twenty two pound turkey and feasted accordingly. My potatoes went over so well there’s hardly any for leftovers from a five pound bag’s worth.

There was also my cake.

Soooo pretty.

Apple cinnamon cake. I winged it, figuring that it wouldn’t be half bad. In case you’re curious…

  • 3 Gala apples
  • White cake mix
  • Copious amounts of cinnamon
  • Buttercream frosting

Dice up two of the apples and mix all ingredients, bake as box dictates, yadda yadda yadda. Put the slices on top if you want it to look pretty. It was my first time making a double layered cake, and also my first time frosting one. Luckily, it came out pretty.

But wait, there’s more!


I couldn’t resist. And if you saw the blue cupcakes from the baking post , you’ll see where that came from. The look on my mother’s face as she cut into it and pulled the slicer back out, seeing green crumbs smeared all over it, was priceless. And the silence that fell over the room before everyone broke up was equally fantastic.

In spite of the off putting color, half the cake was gone by the end of the night. And it was the only dessert anyone touched. So I call that a win.

That’s not all. My penchant for the random led me to go a little further than our local(ish) move theater, into Harvard Square, to see The Muppets today with N in tow.

Go away cars. The shot's prettier without you.

I love Harvard Square, there’s just about always something to do there. It’s one of my  favorite spots to go walk around, including Copley and the Theater District, along with a handful of other places.

So instead of heading directly to where we intended to eat, I had to stop to watch the guy painting with spray paint on tile on the street.

It's ridiculous how amazing this guy's work was.

If I’d had the money, I would’ve bought some. Thanks to lack of time, we couldn’t stay there for long, but we headed over to Bartley’s Burger College, which makes burgers so good that eating them will forever taint any further burgers you may eat. Yes, they really are that good.

This place is as crazy as it looks. And even more awesome.

This kind of thing is all over Bartley's. Great for eyeballing while you're waiting to gorge yourself on burgers.

We were seated at the counter, which both excellent and horrible. You get to watch the cooks work, which you can’t usually see from the large tables that make up the communal seating in the restaurant. And you get to watch the waiters zip around, and yell orders like “ONE MUMBLES, ONE MICHELLE, ONE IPHONE MEDIUM RARE!”, and so on. Which is entertainment in and of itself.

But when you’re at the counter, watching guys cook eighteen or more burgers at once… You can’t help not getting a bit of shock and awe in there.

Seriously, I'd be terrified.

The horrible part comes from watching the food being cooked, smelling the food being cooked, and watching the wait staff take it to everyone else. But lo, ours did arrive. Not exactly in a timely fashion, but since the place was packed…

The iPhone. I should've taken a pre game shot before I marred its beauty, but I was so very hungry I forgot until after the first bite. Onions, mushrooms, and boursin cheese. With bacony goodness on top.

That’s sweet potato fries on the side. Believe you me, it’s some kind of amazing. And I had to go out of my way to get it, because even though it might’ve made me sick (like the chicken at the nearby Tory Row restaurant did, which is why we will never go there again), but I’d never had boursin cheese, and it was the most interesting looking combination I could see on the menu at the time.

… Well, not the most interesting, but the most interesting for now. I want to try the Menino one next.

So that’s where I head. To different foods, different places, always with the intent of staving off boredom. That’s how I got to the Harvard Square theater, Kendall Square, Somerville theater, and Coolidge Corner. All of which are a hell of a lot more fun to go to than the local(ish) AMC. They’ve got these huge theaters, some of them decorated all shiny and vintage like. It makes the experience just that much better, before and after the lights go down.

I was leaning back nearly into the street to take this. All in the name of blogging. 'Cause that's how I roll.

I love that sign. I just… I do.

So that’s how it goes. I’m constantly looking out for things to do, places to go, and people to see. More often than not, it’ll have to be something that’s free, because finances won’t allow for anything else. I might even do a post on being a Professional Brokeass, where I turn for freeness and things to do and the like, at some point.

But even with what I’ve managed to figure out, I still feel like I should be elsewhere, doing other things, accomplishing, learning, discovering, whatever. It never quite seems to be enough, and since I don’t have the funds or resources to be elsewhere, and my research on how to do things for free/cheaper never seems to extend quite far enough, it gets frustrating.

Though I will say that getting that first bite into Sweet cupcake’s Candy Cane cupcake goodness after burgers really helps to ease the pain. Dear. God.

And getting to turn into a kid again today at the movie went a long way towards the healing process as well. Absolutely amazing, and absolutely worth it. I mean it, take your kids. If you don’t have kids, go anyway. Be proud to be a Muppets fan, you are not alone. And don’t be afraid when the theme song is still gnawing away at the back of your brain hours later, you’re not alone there either.

Come on. Sing it with me now.

It’s time to play the music, it’s time to light the lights…




~ by Sara on November 25, 2011.

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