Holly Jolly– No, none of that crap yet!

Thanksgiving is relatively over, and I’m happy to say no one’s killed each other. Food was made, the bare minimum was burnt, and everything I was involved in was a raging success. (And really, isn’t that the important part?)

Oh, and the other two in the kitchen didn’t do half bad either.

In fact, one could say that since there was next to no fighting at all that it went a little too smoothly. This will be the last Thanksgiving where we all occupy the same house after all, so we sort of had to be nice to each other. With me headed to N’s and one of my sisters moving in with her boyfriend’s sister, it’s pretty much a given.

But I will say I was impressed. None of it was forced. Granted there was one hitch in my sister not understanding that my not crying openly over our situation did not mean I was the soulless demon she kinda sorta thought I might be, but we got over that. And there kind of had to be one mini blow out at least once, right? For old times’s sake.

Other than that, as I said, smoother than smooth. Silky and satiny. And it kind of kills me that this is what it took to make that happen. Either a testament to human nature, or just another reason why the five of us are schmucks. I’m choosing to call it human nature.

And past that little nagging piece of it, I don’t care. It was an overall good day for everyone, and made one or two nice memories to go out on. Hopefully Christmas will shape up to be an A+ and give that final grade the extra boost it so desperately needs.

After all, while we’re already beginning to figure out how to let go (“Jesus, I hate these cabinets.” “How can this sink not drive you insane?” “These walls should’ve been repainted ages ago…”), we need one or two things to hold onto as well. If there’s going to be any chance of coming together again, the break can’t be that clean, can it?

Even though I would like to find a way to make this easier on my parents. They’re losing two daughters at once, and one at a time is hard enough. And my sister E is a little more than a little upset about losing two of her sisters.

But even with the advent of a ridiculous amount of social networking — each claiming to be the latest thing, but falling short in the face of a lack of commitment — it’s still far too easy to fall out of touch. So the break really can’t be that clean.

This kind of dwelling can’t be healthy.

I’m going to use the holiday and the excuse that I’ve been cooking since sometime last night to cut this one short. Less angst and more words tomorrow, plus hopefully pictures of my latest bout with Devious Baking.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!


~ by Sara on November 24, 2011.

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