Adventures in Devious Baking.

So as I’ve said before, I hated baking. I found it monotonous and painful, once again causing me to fail all those feminine ideals and whatever. Considering I like cooking, and came to like it even moreso when I did the cancer bit and had to go on a low iodine diet (There’s nothing like a forced diet to wrench a little creativity out of you.), this is weird. And I know that.

But then again, I’ve got a fly by the seat of my pants way of cooking. For better or worse, I throw a bunch of stuff together and see what sticks to people’s stomachs, and what comes back up again. Thankfully, no one’s barfed a whole bunch yet, but who’s to say that won’t happen someday.

And when it happens, it’ll probably be hilarious.

But back to baking. I never thought that there was anything wrong with it, baking produces lovely things. (By the way, if you want someone to extol the virtues of  this particular subject, see Itty Bitty Baker. She’ll do plenty of it for you.) I’m all about the good eating, I just never wanted to be the one doing it.

Though I have to say that in spite of still not being particularly fond of baking overall, I have been having a good time lately creating various baked goods with N due to a slight lack of self control.

You know, just a little.

It kicked off one night when we were in the kitchen working on cupcakes since there was a void where sugary deserts should’ve been after dinner. I was doing the mix while N washed dishes, buzzing right along and trying to get it done as quickly as possible so we could get back to watching our show On Demand.

With the barest hint of a glance, I checked the measurement for water, poured it into the bowl with the mix. Then the measurement for oil, and poured that in too.

Then I realized the oil measurement kind of looked familiar, and snatched up the box again, rereading. And there was a reason why it looked so familiar. What I’d thought was the oil measurement… Was the water measurement. And I’d put in double the necessary amount.

So a whole other box of mix had to be added into the bowl to make it work. Devil’s Food on top of Dark Chocolate. And we were off.

Thanks to a sudden treasure trove of various extracts, fruit in the fridge, and food coloring, the end result turned into twelve cupcakes, twelve cupcakelettes (There’s nothing fun about the phrase ‘mini cupcakes’), one single layer cake, and a chocolate loaf. These were frosted with three different kinds of frosting, in three different colors.

Dr. Suess Purple Orange, Blue Lemon, and Green Rum Cupcakes.

Peeps Yellow Vanilla Almond Chocolate Loaf

Lemon-Orange Yin/Yang Cake

I couldn’t help myself, they were right there! And why shouldn’t I make something that’ll raise eyebrows, and I’ll get a quality giggle over? Exactly.

Tonight turned out to be no different. After discussing dessert yet again, and yet again finding that sugar loving void would not be filled unless we stepped up to the plate, we set out to make cupcakes again. I grabbed a white cake mix, and chocolate chips to mix into them. We had frosting, so we figured we’d turn it that lovely purple you see above, and that’d be pretty nifty.

And then I realized just how white that white cake mix was. Which meant that it’d be easy to color.

So I thought to myself… Why not blue?

The outside turned brown after being cooked, so why not get a good look at the insides?

Or at least a decent yet fuzzy look. Sorry about that. Let’s call it an artistic choice.

There were some issues. The second batch had kind of an Elephant Man look, with large growths making them completely unable to stand upright. These poor handicapped souls were eaten before I could take pictures to commemorate them, but believe me, they were hilarious to look at.

And now that Thanksgiving is coming up, I’m trying to think of just what would be the most interesting thing I could do to help out for desert. I’ve got a few ideas already, I’ll be sure to take a picture and pass it along if it all works out. Preferably one that’s a bit better quality.

Maybe if I can find enough things to amuse myself with, this randomness will make a baker of me yet. If not, at least there’ll be some highly amusing and very good food to eat.


~ by Sara on November 19, 2011.

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