A whoa moment.

I’ve picked up a nomination for The Versatile Blogger award, which was a nifty little pick me up for this morning. And after having missed a chance to partake in that seasonal obsession that is gingerbread coffee, oh, how I needed that pick me up.

Still, considering I’ve more or less just started out on this thing, this is huge. To honor the occasion, I’ll be following the rules as apparently laid down by the recipients before me. Wouldn’t want to anger the Blogging Gods, wherever they may be hiding and stalking us all.

Uno: Thanks so much to the always fantastic Kana at Kana’s Notebook , an excellent writer who always turns out an involving post that you can connect with on some level, even when it’s just about every day life. If you haven’t checked out her blog already, I highly recommend it. I never miss a post.

Zwei: Here are fifteen equally (if not moreso) Versatile Bloggers I’ve also picked up addictions to for various reasons. Give ’em a look see, you won’t be disappointed.

And C: Seven little things about me I’m pretty sure I haven’t mentioned before. (And if I have… Nyah.)

  1. Two of my guilty pleasure films are Trust the Man, and Con Air. Go ahead, let that dynamic sink in. I dare you.
  2. At thirteen, upon finishing one of my short stories called The Dollhouse, I proceeded to show that particular piece of work to twenty six separate souls to get feedback. I have no idea why. Perhaps it was some kind of experiment to truly find out whether or not I sucked. The only thing I do remember is that I’m happy to say twenty six out of twenty six liked it. Hell yes.
  3. I’ve done stop motion animation once, and unless I was coerced (possibly with the threat of violence), I will never do it again. You can find that little venture here .  Yes, I am fully aware of the technical errors. It was a learning experience, and I’m happy that I got it. Trying all mediums, finding your style and voice, and all that. But between shooting and editing… Oh, the pain.
  4. I’ve been a writer since fourth grade. I got my start when my teacher assigned ‘Cliffhangers’, where we were handed half a story and told to finish it. I got an A+ every time. Once again, hell yes.
  5. Every time I directed a one act (yes, all two of them), we were met with a respondent from the American College Theater Festival, and both times me and mine got an excellent review. And both times I went up to the respondent after to check in on what I could’ve done better. Yes, I am that bad.
  6. I talk way too fast. This sometimes leads to my becoming entirely unintelligible. If my brain would be kind enough to slow down for my mouth, life would be a lot easier, but it is not to be. This also can happen when I write. … Often.
  7. I love spicy food like burning. (See what I did there?) I think it’s essential, even if you’re not into it, to have some every once in a while. Even if it’s just the low grade stuff. It reminds you you’re alive.

~ by Sara on November 18, 2011.

3 Responses to “A whoa moment.”

  1. Sara– Here’s wishing that the blogging gods keep on bestowing you with new topics to write about and more prolific-ness ! And may thanks for stopping by and mentioning me 🙂 See you on the blogosphere!

    • Thanks so much, it seemed only right since I’ve loved getting to see all the great work you’ve been doing. Let’s hope we both get graced with plenty of material from here on out. ^_^

  2. This is a late response, but thank you!

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