Twice a liar.

Well, I’m sure many more times a liar if the statistics about how many times the average person lies in a day actually means anything… But I like this title. So there.

A post back I said that in spite of originally setting out swearing I didn’t care if anyone read this blog, I still found myself eyeballing statistics more than someone who makes that claim should actually be doing. Which isn’t a big deal, I think it’s just getting into the swing of things. Besides, I like it when I get input from other people, even if it’s just clicking the like button.

But there was something else I realized I didn’t entirely tell the truth about, and I decided to use that for today’s post.

Though rarely employed, I do actually have a little bit of a process when either writing or coming up with ideas. It’s not a regular practice because I still stand by letting it flow where you can, but when I was trying to get that documentary moving (and recently with the script hurdle I’ve been trying to clear), I found myself using it a lot.

It’s part note taking so ideas don’t slip out of your head, part arguing with myself. Sometimes to the point of sniping.

It still involves a certain level of just letting ideas flow, but I think it’s really just the self doubt/checking and balancing of ideas all writers have put on paper. Or, depending on where I am and what I’m doing, the notepad function of my phone at that time.

The Blackberry just got its first dose of it last night, but my last phone has numerous documentary related files. So does the poor long suffering notebook I dragged around to scribble into at will.

How much this actually works is debatable; I don’t know anyone else who does it (except maybe internally. Writers out there, you’ll have to tell me!), and maybe it’s stopping bad ideas before they could turn good. But at the same time, looking back at what I’ve written, I tend to agree wholeheartedly even with the bitchiest sounding statements.

Sometimes it’s as simple as “Are you serious?”, sometimes there might be a few cusswords in that counterargument (I don’t know why), sometimes the argument is precise and sound (“And how would you shoot that on a shoestring budget, exactly? Take it down a notch, Jamie Cameron.”). I don’t know if this is an id, ego, and superego situation, but either way, it’s engrained enough in the process that it’s shown up time and again when I need it.

And since I’m hard pressed to find a sounding board offline, or a critic that’s not afraid to get on the harsh side, it does its part. I think everyone needs one. Though I do recommend finding one that exists outside of your own head, because really, it can get vastly counterproductive if you’re not careful. Which is why I only make this little habit part of the process when I need it.

Though I will say that I’m still looking for some sort of ritual that’ll work for me. I use music sometimes, but I’d like something more concrete that’ll put me in the mindset. It seems like it’d be one of the essentials should I manage to do this professionally. Or maybe not. We’ll see.

Either way, thanks to a combination medication fluke and back problems, I appear to have the day to myself, so it’s off to get some page making afoot.

(By the by, today is the last day of the Libboo Bounty thing I’ve been mentioning off and on, and so I’m making the final promotional push for my story Here and Now. It’s a good for anyone who love touching moments, or terrible monsters. Or anyone with kids. Or anyone who’s been a kid. So give it a look! And please, if the mood moves you, rate and review! I don’t ask for sparkling, just honest. … Although I will take sparkling too. How could I say no to that?)


~ by Sara on November 16, 2011.

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