Formula for a Blogger.


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog!

I’m so sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Before I made this blog, I was originally over on Livejournal keeping something semi similar to this. Except sizably more scattered. Granted, you could say this already is semi scattered; even though I tend to pick one topic and run with it, there’s no direct focus. But the other journal was literally whatever came into my head at that second. And then the rest was just a general life chronicle.

I did that for about five years, and it worked. But eventually I got busy, and kind of dropped off the blogging grid for a while.  I was more or less content with it, not much was going on at the time, and I didn’t really feel like I had anything to say. And so it went, with a few sorta kinda restarts here and there. And now, it’s pretty much dead.

What possessed me to get back on the horse? Well, it’s really quite a simple formula:

Sara + (Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Novels)2 – (Anything to do)Free Blackberry Apps = Abrasive Enough

Now let me explain what the hell all that’s supposed to mean.

I came across the Newsflesh series by Mira Grant recently, which is essentially all about these two bloggers (a brother and sister named Georgia (as in George A. Romero) and Shaun (as in Shaun of the Dead) Mason) on the road together after a viral breakout turns most of the population into rabid flesh eaters. As tired as that particular part of the horror genre may be becoming for some, I highly recommend it regardless. It’s chock full of tropes, but a lot of them’re twisted in ways that keep it new and interesting.

Now, while I was getting into the audiobook version of this and zoning out on the train, I was listening to a rendition of one of the blog posts Shaun had made. And as I tend to do when I’m zoning out, I was playing with my Blackberry, looking through the apps.

Then I came across the WordPress app, gleaming at me in a way that was… Well, there was some glare off the screen, I was sitting by a window.


I ignored it originally, but it got me thinking. A lot’s been going on recently, and there’re few chances to actually talk without too much restraint. And a catharsis on whatever subject moves you at the time can be good for you. Plus, it seems like there’s a solid community going on around here; every blogger I’ve come across so far have been intelligent people who feel strongly about whatever they’re posting about. Which I guess is kind of a requirement if you’re going to start doing one of these things on a regular basis. But anyway.

It didn’t seem like there was any sort of reason not too. If no one paid attention, no one paid attention. I’d keep my own little space to myself, and that’d be that. If people did, that’d be cool. (And when people did, even though the numbers were small, I was oddly kind of floored by it.) Of course, as someone who originally set out saying that she didn’t care at all if anyone saw her little corner of the internet, I’ve been made into something of a liar. But I think that’s the other requirement if you’re going to do one of these things on a regular basis. Just saying.

After a brief bout of obsessing over the name — It had to be at least a little funny, and entirely accurate, but something I could still live with and not wind up shaming myself over my choice a few weeks later — this blog was born. Granted, fictional zombies and the equally fictional people who blog about them are a roundabout way to get into it, but everyone’s got their own story.

Which is kind of the point here; telling stories. And since that’s what I do first and foremost, why shouldn’t I be here? And if it helps me to get out some of the crap rolling through my head, then all the better for it.


~ by Sara on November 15, 2011.

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